Working groups

EUFORGEN working groups consist of approximately ten experts and are established by the Steering Committee which also defines the tasks, deadlines and expected outputs for each working group. The geographical distribution of the member countries is considered when selecting the experts as well as countries’ participation in previous EUFORGEN working groups.

Draft outputs from the working groups are circulated to all nominated experts under a given area of work for their comments and review. This process ensures that experts who had not been selected for a working group get an opportunity to provide their contributions and ideas. The working groups report their final outputs to the Steering Committee and present their results during the workshops and in EUFORGEN publications.

The above pictures were taken in the same spot in Kostrzyca Gene Bank, Poland. The picture on the left was taken during a network meeting in 2002 while the one on the right is from a workshop in 2013. The growth of the trees has somewhat changed the landscape.

Current working groups

Past working groups

In the previous phase (2010-2014), five working groups completed and published their work. You can visit their pages to read more about the results of their work and download the respective publications.

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