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Learning path into Slovenian forests: Active forestry for society

Published: 12/04/2011
Dr Gregor Božič explaining how the conservation and use of forest genetic resources in Slovenia contribute to the pan-European efforts in this area Credit: H. Kraigher.

As part of the celebrations of the International Year of Forests, the Slovenian Forestry Institute (SFI) and the Slovenian Forest Service (SFS) hosted an outdoor learning event on forests and forestry in the outskirts of Ljubljana on 27 May 2011. The minister responsible for forestry, Mag. Dejan Židan, opened the event and highlighted the importance of Slovenian forests for wood production and biodiversity conservation. Recognizing the benefits of forests for other sectors and society, Prof. Dr. Roko Žarnič, the minister of the environment and spatial planning, and Mag. Darja Radić, the minister of the economy, also delivered welcome addresses.

The event included a path with 18 stops demonstrating forest management, monitoring, research and use throughout the whole forest – wood chain to forestry professionals, school children and other participants. Along the path, an introduction to forest research at SFI was provided by Dr. Hojka Kraigher.  At the silviculture and reforestation stop, Dr. Gregor Božič  explained how forest genetic resources are conserved and used in Slovenia. He also presented the activities and results of EUFORGEN and the EUFGIS project.

The event was organized by the Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Food and the Municipality of Ljubljana in collaboration with the SFS, SFI and several other Slovenian forestry organizations.