Conservation and sustainable use

Young male and female cones of Picea abies. Photo: EUFORGEN

The overall goal of EUFORGEN is to promote conservation and sustainable use of forest genetic resources in Europe as an integral part of sustainable forest management, and to serve as a platform for pan‐European collaboration in this area.

The specific objectives for Phase V of the Programme are to:
1. Collate, maintain and disseminate reliable information on forest genetic resources in Europe. This will involve maintaining and developing the EUFGIS information system, including distribution maps of European forest trees, and using that and other sources of information to contribute to reports such as the State of Europe’s Forests reports. EUFORGEN will also disseminate the results of its work to policymakers, forestry professionals and the scientific community to inform their discussions.

2. Coordinate and monitor the conservation of forest genetic resources in Europe. This objective requires EUFORGEN to monitor implementation of the pan-European genetic conservation strategy and update the strategy. To do so, a EUFORGEN working group will develop a decision cascade tool to help identify populations most in need of conservation and management those populations. EUFORGEN will also contribute to the identification of threats at species and population level, which will guide the definition of priorities for conservation.

3. Develop guidelines and analyses on topics and issues relevant for the use of forest genetic resources in Europe. This will include: thematic, science-based guidelines to improve genetic conservation in forest management. A focus of this work will be to improve the way genetic aspects are incorporated into the production and use of forest reporductive material (FRM).

The objectives will be achieved through the detailed work plans developed by the EUFORGEN Steering Committee, which will also monitor progress and update work plans when needed.