Pan-European strategy

Map of the countries that are, or have formerly been, engaged in the work of EUFORGEN. Credit: EUFORGEN.

Because the conservation of FGR requires material to remain in situ, all the countries across the distribution area of a species need to participate and collaborate.

From the point of view of one country seeking to conserve a species, the edges of that species’ distribution may be in a neighbouring country. For effective conservation of FGR diversity – essential for forests to survive and adapt in the long term – these countries should have similar conservation strategies. To support such developments, EUFORGEN is exploring possibilities for knowledge transfer and collaboration among neighbouring countries.

As a networking programme, EUFORGEN has already played a key role in developing a joint conservation strategy for European countries, as well as helping in implementation, monitoring progress and identifying gaps.

The pan-European FGR conservation strategy is intended to improve conservation across the continent. The strategy aims to maintain the evolutionary potential of European forest tree species throughout their entire distribution ranges. European countries have already started to implement the strategy, for example by establishing conservation units in areas where the strategy indicates that species are not sufficiently well conserved.

EUFORGEN is a unique platform to exchange information and to share knowledge. It also successfully functions as an interface between scientists, forest managers and policy makers. The programme as a whole has a collective knowledge that no single country could match.

The long-term existence of a well-functioning programme like EUFORGEN is the best approach for Europe to achieve the conservation, sustainable use and development of forest genetic resources.

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