Norway spruce gene reserve at Koli National Park. Photo: T. Nikkanen

National coordinator

Mari Rusanen
Natural Resources Institute Finland
Latokartanonkaari 9
FI 00790 Helsinki, Finland

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Letter of Agreement signed on 04 May 2015

Member since 1994


  • Katri Himanen, Natural Resources Institute Finland
  • Mari Rusanen, Natural Resources Institute Finland
  • Leena Yrjänä, LUKE, Natural Resources Institute Finland
  • in situ genetic conservation unit
    ex situ genetic conservation unit
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    Leena Yrjänä
    LUKE, Natural Resources Institute Finland

    The European Information System on Forest Genetic Resources (EUFGIS) provides geo-referenced and harmonized data on genetic conservation units of forest trees in Europe.

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    Photo: Sámi — indigenous people of the European Arctic. Credit: Ernmuhl/Wikimedia Commons
    Nagoya protocol enters into force in Finland
    A new act on the Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol and related EU regulation entered into force in Finland on the 1st of September 2016. The...
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    Management of forest genetic resources in Finland

    The genetic conservation of forest trees in Finland started as a project in the Finnish Forest Research Institute in the early 1990’s. The first gene reserve forest was selected in 1992 and The National Programme on Plant Genetic Resources in Agriculture and Forestry was published in 2001 and is currently under revision. 

    The programme defines the targets and principal methods for the management of genetic resources, covering agricultural and horticultural plants as well as forest trees. The organization responsible for that is Luke (Natural Resources Institute Finland) and the work is supervised by the National Advisory Body for Genetic Resources. As a core task, the forest gene conservation programme has established in situ networks of gene reserve forests for all the main tree species and dynamic ex situ collections for the scattered tree species.

    Currently, the in situ network consists of 44 gene reserve forests, the total area of which is 7218 hectares. The gene conservation collections cover six rare tree species. The material is grown as clones or seedlings depending on the species and the total number of individuals in the collections is around 7000 trees.

    Further information

    Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira is responsible for the control of the trade on forest reproductive material.

    National Forest Strategy 2025

    National climate change adaptation plan

    Strategy and Action Plan for Biodiversity

    The Forest Biodiversity Programme for Southern Finland (METSO) 2008-2016

    NordGen Forest serves as a Nordic meeting place in the fields of forest genetics and genetic resources, supply of seeds and plants, and methods for regeneration.

    Country report for the FAO First State of the World’s Forest Genetic Resources


    EUFORGEN publications