Forest genetic conservation in a habitat protection area in southern Sweden. In these protected areas, the Swedish Forest Agency has a program for dynamic conservation of genetic resources of native forest trees. Photo: Lars Jarnemo.

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Sanna Black-Samuelsson
Swedish Forest Agency
Portalgatan 2B - Box 1350
S-751 43 Uppsala, Sweden

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    Patrik Olsson
    Swedish Forest Agency (Skogsstyrelsen)

    The European Information System on Forest Genetic Resources (EUFGIS) provides geo-referenced and harmonized data on genetic conservation units of forest trees in Europe.

    Management of forest genetic resources in Sweden

     Strategy for conservation of forest genetic resources (317 KB) (317 KB) (in Swedish)

    The Swedish Forest Agency has conserved gene resources of native forest trees in habitat protected areas since 2014. The strategy allows a resource-efficient and dynamic long-term conservation of genetic variation, species and ecosystems in the same protected area. Today, more than 300 areas exist, with nearly 500 gene conservation units that are protected forever.

    The tree species are biologically very different. Therefore the objectives of the strategy vary in terms of number of genetic resources and minimum number of trees per genetic resource required for a certain species. For Scots pine and Norway spruce, at least 500 trees are needed, while 50 trees are sufficient for many hardwoods. For very rare and scattered tree species, even 15 trees may suffice as a genetic base.

    Sessile oak and beech occur in marginal populations in Sweden. These populations may contain unique variants of genes and are therefore prioritized for conservation. For ash and elm, red-listed due to forest diseases, gene conservation is essential too. For common forest trees such as spruce, pine and birch, gene conservation is valuable, for instance, from scientific and utilitarian point of view.

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    NordGen Forest serves as a Nordic meeting place in the fields of forest genetics and genetic resources, supply of seeds and plants, and methods for regeneration.

    Swedish Forest Agency
    The Swedish Forest Agency is responsible for the control of the trade of forest reproductive material

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