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Steering committee

The 8th steering committee meeting in 2012 in Paris, France. Photo: EUFORGEN

The EUFORGEN Programme is overseen by a Steering Committee of nationally appointed representatives.

The Steering Committee has overall responsibility for the Programme. It is composed of National Coordinators from all member countries. Bioversity International and FAO may nominate representatives as observers. If needed, experts may also be invited to participate in Steering Committee meetings as observers.

Decisions are taken by consensus. If a consensus cannot be reached then the Steering Committee has the option to vote on an issue so as to reach a decision based on a simple majority of votes. Each country has one vote; representatives from Bioversity International and FAO have no voting rights. Between meetings, should the need arise for a decision on an urgent issue, the Secretariat will contact the Steering Committee members by email and action will be taken upon receiving feedback in the given timeframe.

National coordinators

Each country appoints a National Coordinator who is the official contact person for all matters relating to the Programme.

The role of the National Coordinators is to:

  • Participate in Steering Committee meetings and other activities
  • Promote EUFORGEN and its activities at national level
  • Liaise between the Secretariat and relevant ministries and agencies in a country regarding its membership and other issues
  • Ensure that necessary resources are channelled to the Programme
  • Liaise between the Secretariat and national institutions involved in EUFORGEN activities
  • Nominate experts on thematic areas relevant for EUFORGEN and maintain regular contact with them
  • Assist experts and national institutes to contribute to EUFORGEN activities, as needed.

Nominated National Coordinators during current Phase of the Programme:

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