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New EUFORGEN coordinator

Published: 1/11/2015
Michele Bozzano, the new EUFORGEN Coordinator.

We are pleased to announce that Michele Bozzano has been appointed as the new EUFORGEN Coordinator in November 2015 after the departure of Jarkko Koskela, who had been coordinating the Programme since 2002.

Michele is not new to the EUFORGEN Secretariat. He has been providing scientific and technical support since 2002.

Prior to fully committing his time to the new role, Michele was involved in global research on forest genetic resources at Bioversity International, where he contributed to developing the Forest Genetic Resources Training Guide  [1]. This is  a new approach to facilitate teaching and learning about issues related to forest genetic resources. He also coordinated the development of a Thematic Study on 'Genetic considerations in ecosystem restoration using native tree species  [2]' for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN's State of the World’s Report on Forest Genetic Resources.

In the current phase of EUFORGEN, Michele's vision is to consolidate the recognition which EUFORGEN has achieved by seeking long-term commitments to ensure participation of all European countries in the Programme and enable the implementation of the pan-European conservation strategy  [3].

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