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Gene reserve of Norway spruce, Scots pine and silver fir "Smolnicka huta", Slovakia.
Photo: Dr. R. Bruchanik

National coordinator

Roman Longauer
National Forest Centre
T.G. Masaryka 24
960 92 Zvolen, Slovakia  [2]

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Letter of Agreement signed on 19 Dec 2014

Member since 1994


  • Dušan Gömöry, University of Zvolen
  • Roman Longauer, National Forest Centre
  •   [1]
    Gene reserve of Norway spruce, Scots pine and silver fir "Smolnicka huta", Slovakia.
    Photo: Dr. R. Bruchanik

    Focal point

    Dagmar Bednarova
    National Forest Centre (NLC) - Forest Research Institute

    Management of forest genetic resources in Slovakia

    Ex situ measures to conserve forest genetic resources date back to the 1970s when first clonal archives and a forest seed bank were established. A country-wide network of gene reserve forests was proposed in 1988 but practical measures for its implementation started in 1999.  In 2001, the “gene reserve forest” was also officially recognized in a ministerial regulation.

    Currently, there are 126 gene reserve forests with a total area of 35,080 hectares. Their establishment and management is based on the Act on Forests (2005) and Act on Forest Reproductive Materials (2004).

    Each gene reserve is granted the status of Special Purpose Forest, which provides their owner with an exemption from the payment of land tax to compensate the increased management costs.

    Most of the gene reserve forests in Slovakia are also demonstration sites  of Pro-Silva Slovaca, which promotes close-to-nature forest management. A long-term management plan has been prepared for each reserve.

    The National Programme on Forest Genetic Resources  [3] (Slovak) was first endorsed for 2005-2009 and its next phase is under preparation. The programme promotes and supports various activities in the area of conservation and sustainable use of forest genetic resources. The responsible organization for the implementation of the programme is the National Forest Centre.

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    Forest reproductive material & law, maps, activities, contacts:  
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