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Identification sheet for black poplar

This identification sheet was prepared by members of the EUFORGEN Populus nigra Network, in order to facilitate the simplest possible identification of the species from cultivated hybrids and possible introgressive forms. The morphological traits common to different species of the genus Populus are not referred to.

The drawings should be considered as having an indicative value in the field and can not represent strict taxonomic criteria. All illustrations were drawn by Mr Filip Coopman of the Institute for Forestry and Game Management in Geraardsbergen, Belgium. The original drawings were kindly provided as Belgium's contribution in kind to the Network.

This identification sheet is available in English  [1]French  [2]Italian  [3]German  [4]Dutch  [5] and Russian  [6]. Copies can be obtained from the EUFORGEN Secretariat.

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