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Social Broadleaves Network: Report of the first meeting

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The first meeting of the Social Broadleaves Network was held on 23-25 October 1997 in Bordeaux, France. Four participants were invited to deliver introductory presentations during the first part of the meeting. They reviewed the results of research on the genetic diversity of oaks and beech throughout Europe, summarized the concerns associated with oak decline and introduced the international network of beech provenance trials established shortly prior to the meeting. The members also reviewed and discussed the workplan.

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Corporate Author: European Forest Genetic Resources Programme ; International Plant Genetic Resources Instit., (IPGRI), Rome (Italy)
Publication Years: 1998
Publication Format: 21x29.7 Softocover; PDF
ISBN 10: 92-9043-377-9
ISBN 13: 978-92-9043-377-4
Language: EN
Pages: 176 p.

Proceedings   [2] Quercus petraea   [3] Quercus robur   [4] Fagus sylvatica   [5] Fagus taurica   [6] Fagus orientalis   [7] Quercus cerris   [8] Quercus frainetto   [9] Quercus ilex   [10] Quercus palustris   [11] Quercus pedunculiflora   [12] Quercus pubescens   [13] Quercus rubra   [14] Quercus suber   [15] Quercus trojana   [16] Quercus virgiliana   [17] Quercus vulcanica   [18] Romania   [19] Moldova   [20] Hungary   [21]

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