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Abies grandis
Grand fir

Grand fir (Abies grandis) is a tall, narrow fir native to the western regions of North America. It has been introduced with success in many European countries.

Due to its rapid growth and considerable size, it is an important timber tree, especially for producing pulp and for paper production. The tree’s timber is not durable and thus not useful for construction. It has a regular shape and is also cultivated for use as Christmas trees and as an ornamental in urban parks.

Grand fir grows in valleys, river floors and on north-facing slopes in low elevation. It is tolerant to a wide variety of climatic conditions and soil types, depending on the region in which it grows. It sometimes grows in pure stands but is usually found in mixed coniferous or broadleaved forests. On moist sites, the tree grows fast and becomes a part of the overstorey, whereas in dry sites, the tree exists as a shade-tolerant species in the understorey.

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