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Abies marocana
Moroccan fir

Moroccan fir (Abies marocana) is a medium-sized, narrow coniferous tree belonging to the group of Mediterranean firs. The species is often treated as a subspecies of the Spanish fir (Abies pinsapo).

Due to fires and forest clearings, the distribution of the tree declined by 70% from 1938-1994. As a result, the tree is now limited to a small area in the Rif Mountains in northern Morocco, where remaining stands are protected in a national park. This current status has also diminished the use of the wood for construction; however, essential oils obtained from the tree’s seeds are used in the perfume industry and in traditional medicines to treat respiratory problems.  

The Moroccan fir favours an altitudinal range between 1400-1800 m in humid bioclimates. Optimal growth occurs in dolomitic limestone soils on north-facing slopes.

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