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Abies numidica
Algerian fir

Algerian fir (Abies numidica) is a medium-sized coniferous tree, with a very limited natural range. It grows on Mount Babor and Talahor in northern Algeria, close to the Mediterranean Sea. Access to this area is restricted; hence, little is known about the species.

In terms of use, the tree is primarily grown as an ornamental in urban parks.
Algerian fir grows in calcareous soils on steep slopes facing north and east. It is found in mixed forest stands, in an altitudinal range between 1850-2000 m. The tree’s natural climate is particularly humid and cold during the winter, with summers characterized by long periods of drought.

The Algerian fir contributes to a key forest ecosystem for endemic plants, birds and animals, which is why protection efforts are prioritized for this tree species.    

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