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Acer platanoides
Norway maple

Norway maple (Acer platanoides) is a large and fast-growing tree. It is the most widespread native maple in Europe, with a natural distribution range from Greece to the Ural Mountains in Russia.

The tree has been widely planted as a shade tree and for ornamental purposes and is highly valued for its colourful autumn foliage and tolerance to urban conditions. The wood is used for furniture, marquetry and turned objects and, when having wavy grains, for specialties such as stringed instruments. The adventitious roots make the tree useful to control erosion and stabilize slopes.

Norway maple thrives in deep, fertile and moist soils, but is able to grow in a range of soil conditions. The tree also tolerates shade, drought and pollution. It is often found in mixed stands, with both conifers and broadleaved trees, and grows in an altitude ranging from sea level up to 1400 m.

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