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Cedrus libani
Cedar of Lebanon

Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani) is an evergreen conifer native to a limited area in the mountains of Turkey, Syria and Lebanon.

The species has hard, durable wood, historically used for building temples, palaces and boats, while now used more generally for construction. The timber has a pleasant fragrance which remains in the wood for many years and is also used in perfume. The tree is now widely planted for ornamental purposes.

The cedar of Lebanon is usually found in elevations of 1300-3000 m, on north- and west-facing slopes, where it grows in well-drained, calcareous soils. It is more commonly found in pure stands, but also exists in mixed stands with other typical Mediterranean mountain trees. It grows in cool, moist climatic winter conditions and is tolerant to drought during the summer.

There is a certain mythology connected with the tree; in the Hebrew Bible, the cutting of the cedar is told to cause the destruction of the world. 

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