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Fraxinus ornus
Flowering ash

Flowering ash (Fraxinus ornus) is a small to medium, fast-growing deciduous tree. It is naturally distributed in south-west Europe, with populations in the mountainous areas of the Middle East. It has been widely cultivated outside its natural range and is now found naturally in other European countries.

The wood is of good quality but is of low economic importance due to its many knots and the limited size of the tree. Hence, it is mainly used for smaller wooden items, fodder for cattle and firewood. In the spring, the tree has large inflorescences, attracting many pollinating insects. These pleasantly scented flowers and its yellow autumn foliage also make the species valuable as an ornamental. The sap, when crystallized by the wind, is called manna and is used as a sweetener, in cosmetics and in medicine. The tree easily colonizes open, disturbed habitats and is also used in afforestation projects.  

The flowering ash is resistant to drought and able to grow on poor soils, especially due to lower competition in such habitats. It usually grows on calcareous or silicate soils and, in its southern range, is mainly found in mountainous areas.

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