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Juniperus oxycedrus
Prickly juniper

Prickly juniper (Juniperus oxycedrus) is a small coniferous tree or shrub native to the Mediterranean region and the Middle East. It is recognizable by its needle-like leaves and red bark, which peels off in stripes.

The tree’s wood is durable and hard and valued for making furniture and other woodwork. Oils are extracted from its leaves and branches and used for different medicinal therapies and as a fragrance component in soaps and perfumes. Cultivars of the species are often planted for their ornamental value in parks and gardens.  

The prickly juniper prefers a warm, Mediterranean climate and is often found in dry and rocky or sandy soils. The tree is also able to tolerate a colder climate and grows in elevations from sea level up to 2200 m.

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