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Picea omorika
Serbian spruce

Serbian spruce (Picea omorika) is a tall, slender conifer, natively restricted to four locations on the border between Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina. With its distinct, narrow crown, the tree is easy to recognize in forest stands.

The wood of the Serbian spruce is of good quality and was formerly used for various constructions. Today, its only use is in relation to urban landscapes, where the Serbian spruce is particularly valued as an ornamental due to its high tolerance for pollution and attractive appearance.

Naturally, the tree grows in the mountains of cool, temperate mixed forests. It occurs on steep, rocky slopes in elevations between 800-1500 m, on limestone and serpentine soils.

Even though Serbian spruce is able to colonize after forest fires or other disturbances, it is limited by its sensitivity to competition from other trees. Factors such as climate change, livestock grazing and general cutting also pose threats towards the tree, leaving it endangered. 

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