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Picea orientalis
Oriental spruce

Oriental spruce (Picea orientalis) is a medium-sized conifer native to mountainous areas in Caucasia and north-eastern Turkey. This species hybridize freely with other Picea species.

Oriental spruce is an important timber species with soft, light wood, equivalent to that of the Norway spruce (Picea abies). It is of good quality and used for flooring, carpentry, furniture, musical instruments and general construction. Varying cultivars of the species, especially dwarf cultivars, are grown as ornamentals in parks and urban gardens. The tree is also cultivated and sold for Christmas trees and used as pulpwood in the paper industry. Furthermore, tannin and turpentine are extracted from its bark and branches.

The tree prefers moist soils and is often found in shaded slopes or on rocky areas near the coast of the Black Sea. It grows in pure or mixed stands, in altitudes ranging from 300 to 2100 m. The species is resistant to air pollution and to some wind-exposure.

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