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Pinus radiata
Monterey pine

Monterey pine (Pinus radiata), also known as the Radiate pine, is a fast-growing coniferous tree. It is native to very few localities on the Californian coast and Baja California, in the United States and Mexico, respectively. Though the natural habitat is severely fragmented and in continuing decline, it is one of the most widely planted tree species in the world and are today cultivated in New Zealand, Australia, Chile, South Africa and South West Europe. In Europe, huge plantations can be found in the Basque Region in Spain. 

The tree grows very rapidly under plantation conditions, which has made it the most important timber tree in several of the countries in which it is cultivated. The wood is brittle and coarse grained and mostly used in the pulp and paper industry. However, in some countries it is also used for carpentry, veneers, furniture and construction in general. The tree tolerates air pollution and is furthermore used in urban areas and for noise- and windbreaks.   

The species is subject to insect attacks – its trees are usually more attacked than the common native pines in the areas where it is planted.  

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