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Pinus uncinata
Mountain pine

Mountain pine (Pinus uncinata) is a fairly small conifer closely related to, and sometimes treated as a subspecies of, the mugo pine (Pinus mugo). The tree naturally appears in scattered populations across the mountains of western Europe. As a result of reforestation programmes in northern Europe and the Mediterranean, the tree now naturally grows outside its native range.

The mountain pine’s wood is used for light constructions and firewood but, as a result of its limited yield, the wood is not of any particular value. However, in the Pyrenees - where the tree has an extensive habitat - its wood is used for turnery, musical instruments and other small woodworks.

The mountain pine grows on moist soils in attitudes from 200-2400 m but usually occurs above 1000 m. It is tolerant to cold temperatures and is often found in frost hollows and peat bog habitats.

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