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Prunus padus
Bird cherry

Bird cherry (Prunus padus) is a small, short-lived deciduous tree or shrub. It is the Prunus species with the widest distribution range, found throughout northern Europe and in many areas of Asia.

The tree’s fruit is important for several bird species and is also used in jams, as a flavour in alcoholic beverages and in traditional medicine. The wood is of low commercial interest but its decorative spring flowers make the tree valuable as an ornamental in parks and urban areas. It is also suitable for shelterbelts and sound-breaks and its roots are useful to mitigate soil erosion and stabilise slopes.  

The bird cherry is hardy and grows in various climatic conditions, including harsh winters and hot summers. It is tolerant to a wide variety of soils and, in its southern range, is usually found in the mountains, occasionally in altitudes up to 2000 m. It has strong regeneration skills and, in some regions, invasive tendencies.

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