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Quercus palustris
Pin oak

Pin oak (Quercus palustris) is a medium-sized, fast-growing deciduous tree. It is native to eastern areas of the United States, but was introduced in Europe in the late 17th century.

The tree is mainly used as an ornamental in urban parks and along roadsides, given its colourful autumn foliage and ability to tolerate stress related to urban conditions. The pin oak’s wood is rather poor and mainly used for firewood, pulp and railway sleepers. Like other oak species, the pin oak provides acorns which serve as a food source for numerous animals, including squirrels, deer and woodpeckers.

The pin oak prefers moist but well-drained soils and is mainly found in areas along streams, rivers and in swamps. The species is light-demanding but is unable to tolerate summer drought.

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