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Quercus pubescens
Pubescent oak

Pubescent oak (Quercus pubescens) is a medium-sized deciduous or semi-deciduous tree, often found in crossbreeds with other oaks. As a result of its ability to hybridize with various oak species, the tree has a wide distribution range which includes most of central and southern Europe.

The tree’s wood is inferior when compared to many other oak species; hence, it is mainly used for firewood and only occasionally for carpentry, boat-building and packaging. The tree also serves as a host for economically important truffles.

Pubescent oak prefers well-drained lime soils but also grows on acidic soils in warmer areas. It is usually found on hillsides between 200-800 m but is very adaptable and grows from sea level up to 1300 m. The species is both able to withstand frost in the winter and drought in the summer.

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