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Quercus vulcanica
Kasnak oak

Kasnak oak (Quercus vulcanica) is a large deciduous tree limited to a few locations in west and south-central Turkey. The species is now rare due to extensive deforestation in the past and is still threatened by destructive behaviour.

In its native area, the tree is highly valued both as a source of timber and for ornamental purposes. The name kasnak refers to the Turkish use of the tree for embroidery hoops. The tree is also an important component in certain ecological forest systems containing endemic butterflies and wild mountain flowers in Turkey.

Kasnak oak grows in pure or mixed stands, mainly on north-eastern slopes in altitudes from 1300-1800 m. The tree prefers deep, well-drained, moist and loamy soils. The tree is able to withstand low temperatures but requires plenty of light.

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