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Ulmus minor
Field elm

The field elm (Ulmus minor) is a fast-growing, medium-sized, deciduous tree found mainly in South European regions. The field elm is often associated with the European white elm.

The wood of the field elm is of good quality, making it useful for furniture, flooring and firewood. It has an excellent resistance to water decay, so its timber is also suitable for underwater constructions and for boatsshipbuilding.

The tree is riparian and usually found on the banks of smaller streams. It can reproduce by root suckers and is, as other pioneer species, light-demanding and fast-growing. It is tolerant towards stress factors, such as salty winds, waterlogging, drought and pollution. However, due to the Dutch elm disease, the population has been heavily reduced. Nevertheless, European elms, in general, are not considered endangered due to strong resilience and genetic variability in forest habitats.

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Genetic conservation of European elms

This leaflets briefly describes how to conserve genetic diversity of European elms.  


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