Scientific articles

Peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters about forest genetic resources. Not all are open access.

Utilization and transfer of forest genetic resources: A global review
Koskela, J., Vinceti, B., Dvorak, W., Bush, D., Dawson, I.K, Loo, J., Kjaer, E.D., Navarro, C., Padolina, C., Bordács, S., Jamnadass, R., Graudal, L. and Ramamonjisoa, L. 2014. Forest Ecology and Management 333: 22–34.

Vulnerability of dynamic genetic conservation units of forest trees in Europe to climate change
Schueler, S., Falk, W., Koskela, J., Lefèvre, F., Bozzano, M., Hubert, J., Kraigher, H., Longauer, R. and Olrik, D.C. 2014. Global Change Biology 20: 1498–1511. (Only available to subscribers) 

Genetic diversity of forest trees
Koskela, J., and Lefèvre, F. 2013. In: Kraus, D. and Krumm, F. (eds.). Integrative approaches as an opportunity for the conservation of forest biodiversity. European Forest Institute, Freiburg, Germany, pp. 232–241.

Dynamic conservation of forest genetic resources in 33 European countries
Lefèvre, F., Koskela, J., Hubert, J., Kraigher, H., Longauer, R., Olrik, D.C., Schüler, S., Bozzano, M., Alizoti, P., Bakys, R., Baldwin, C., Ballian, D., Black-Samuelsson, S., Bednarova, D., Bordács, S., Collin, E., De Cuyper, B., De Vries, S.M.G., Eysteinsson, T., Frýdl, J., Haverkamp, M., Ivankovic, M., Konrad, H., Koziol, C., Maaten, T., Notivol Paino, E., Öztürk, H., Pandeva, I.D., Parnuta, G., Pilipovič, A., Postolache, D., Ryan, C., Steffenrem, A., Varela, M.C., Vessella, F., Volosyanchuk, R.T., Westergren, M., Wolter, F., Yrjänä, L. and Zarina, I. 2013.  Conservation Biology 27(2): 373–384.

Translating conservation genetics into management: Pan-European minimum requirements for dynamic conservation units of forest tree genetic diversity
Koskela, J., Lefèvre, F., Schueler, S., Kraigher, H., Olrik, D.C., Hubert, J., Longauer, R., Bozzano, M., Yrjänä, L., Alizoti, P., Rotach, P., Vietto, L., Bordács, S., Myking, T., Eysteinsson, T., Souvannavong, O., Fady, B., Cuyper, B. De, Heinze, B., Wühlisch, G. von, Ducousso, A. and Ditlevsen, B. 2013. Biological Conservation 157: 39–49. (Available to subscribers) 

Conservation of Norway spruce genetic resources in Austria: gap analysis of neutral genetic variation and adaptive performance in future climate
Schueler, S., Kapeller, S., Konrad, H., Geburek, T., Mengl, M., Bozzano, M., Koskela, J., Lefèvre, F., Hubert, J., Kraigher, H., Longauer, R., Olrik, D.C. 2013. Biodiversity and Conservation 22: 1151–1166.

A roadmap for future transatlantic research cooperation on adaptation of forest trees to environmental change
Kremer, A., Baker, A., Bousquet, J., Cervera, M.T., Fluch, S., Koskela, J., MacKay, J., Neale, D., Ritland, K., Savolainen, O., Vinceti, B., Wheeler, N., Whitham, T. 2011. Document prepared for the European Commission by the FORESTTRAC project. 28 p. 

Forest ecosystem genomics and adaptation: EVOLTREE conference report
Kremer, A., Vinceti, B., Alia, R., Burczyk, J., Cavers, S., Degen, B., Finkeldey, R., Fluch, S., Gömöry, D., Gugerli, F., Koelewijn, H.P., Koskela, J., Lefèvre, F., Morgante, M., Mueller-Starck, G., Plomion, C., Taylor, G., Turok, J., Savolainen, O. and Ziegenhagen, B. 2011. Tree Genetics & Genomes 7: 869–875.

The Impact of Climate Change on Countries’ Interdependence on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
Vinceti, B., Dawson, I., Koskela, J. and Jamnadass, R. 2009. Tree genetic resources: international interdependence in the face of climate change. In: Fujisaka, S., Halewood, M. and Williams, D. (eds.). Background Study Paper No. 48 prepared for the 12th Session of the FAO Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, 19-23 October 2009. FAO, Rome, Italy, pp. 18–26. 

The use and exchange of forest genetic resources for food and agriculture
Koskela, J., Vinceti, B., Dvorak, W., Bush, D., Dawson, I., Loo, J., Kjaer, E.D., Navarro, C., Padolina, C., Bordács, S., Jamnadass, R., Graudal, L. and Ramamonjisoa, L. 2009. Background Study Paper No. 44 prepared for the 12th Session of the FAO Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, 19-23 October 2009. FAO, Rome, Italy. 74 p.

European forest genetic resources: status of current knowledge and conservation priorities.
Lefèvre, F., Collin, E., De Cuyper, B., Fady, B., Koskela, J., Turok, J. and von Wühlisch, G. 2008. In: Maxted, N., Ford-Lloyd, B.V., Kell, S.P., Iriondo, J.M., Dulloo, M.E. and Turok, J. (eds.). Crop Wild Relatives Conservation and Use, CAB International, UK, pp. 178–194. (Available to subscribers) 

Proceedings of the Forum on Conservation of Forest Genetic Resources: Challenges, Issues and Solutions
Koskela, J. 2007. European Forest Genetic Resources Programme: a European Approach to Gene Conservation of Forest Trees. In: Simpson, J.D. (compiler). (28-29 July 2006, Charlottetown, PEI). Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service – Atlantic Forestry Centre, Fredericton, Canada. Information Report M-X-220, pp. 23–30.

Ten years of international collaboration on forest genetic resources in Europe
Koskela, J. 2004. Forest Genetic Resources, No. 32: 66–69. FAO, Rome, Italy.

Conservation of forest genetic resources and sustainable forest management in Europe
Koskela, J., de Vries, S.M.G., Gil, L., Mátyás, C., Rusanen, M. and Paule, L. 2004. In: Beaulieu, J. (ed.). Silviculture and the Conservation of Genetic Resources for Sustainable Forest Management. Proceedings of the Symposium of the North American Forest Commission, Forest Genetic Resources and Silviculture Working Groups and the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), 21 September 2003, Quebec City, Canada, Information Report LAU-X-128, pp. 9–19.